Participation projects

BIT20's participant projects aim to garner enthusiasm and build expertise in musical experimentation. When BIT20 is getting new music across to the public, it is not merely through concerts but also through workshops focussing on composition, sound exploration and instrument construction. The goal is to help more people awaken their creative sides through an open, convivial and inventive composition process – a musical experience we would like more people to benefit from. For many years BIT20 has, through its participant projects, built up an association with composers and freelance musicians in Bergen who are willing to go out and work for BIT20, developing what could best be described as a team of facilitators. Among these, you can find anything from jazz and noise to contemporary musicians and composers. Common to all of them is the fact that they are innovative musicians who have a deep understanding of the creative processes we would like to convey to our participants.

Ever since its inception in 1989, the BIT20 Ensemble has been committed to promoting interest, knowledge and understanding of the arts to the wider public. We have particularly focused on children and young people through work with a range of projects in the Bergen region for over 20 years.

BIT20s participation projects are made possible through funding from the Arts Council Norway, DKS Bergen, KUP/Hordaland County and the City of Bergen