Terry Riley (Photo: SMC Design)

Terry Riley (Photo: SMC Design)

Theme: MINImalism

#2 In C Interlude by Michael Nyman

Saturday 27th of April | 11:00­–16:00 (concert 15:00–16:00)

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If you play an instrument, then join in! Glimt! – Oppleveisa unique opportunity for amateur musicians to work in cahoots with the experienced pros from BIT20. In this pilot project, youwill be introduced to one of the many sub-genres within contemporary music, namely minimalism. This will be no lecture or demonstration. It’s all about participation. We’re all aware of the concept of ‘learning by doing’, and with that in mind the BIT20 Ensemble invites anyone who can play an instrument to join them in rehearsing and then performing some of the quintessential pieces in contemporary music history. You’ll get an intense introduction into this era by playing alongside others, guided by the BIT20 musicians.  And as the workshop comes to end you’ll get to perform the piece in front of an audience! 

Come and make the most of this opportunity, bring your friends and join us in these unique events in the this season!

50,– per participant (includes lunch)

Age limit: 13 years