When: Sunday 16th of October, 16:00-18:00



Part  1: Bergen Kunsthall, 16:00-16:45

Soundpainting piece with BIT20 Ensemble, Strings & Timpani and Performance Art Bergen.

Part 2: Tårnsalen - KODE 4, 17:00-18:00

Michael Finnissy – Alongside

Soundpainting piece with BIT20 Ensemble, Strings & Timpani and the BIT20 Club.


Conductor: Richard Baker

Soundpainter: Ricardo Gassent

Soundpainter and conductor: Jostein Stalheim

THE COMPOSER MICHAEL FINNISSY, who turns 70 this year, is an important and much-loved figure in British music. As well as being a virtuoso pianist, his intricate, complex and often overtly political music has influenced several generations of composers. Finnissy’s music is also highly sensual and probing, compelling us to explore musical terrains that are diverse, dramatic and unpredictable.

For this event, we will be joined by pianist Mark Knoop to perform Finnissy’s Alongside, one of his most virtuosic ensemble pieces. And we’ll also be using Alongside as the musical starting point for several Soundpainting performances. Soundpainting is a method developed in the 1970s as a means of ’real-time’ composing not just for musicians but for performers of every kind.

For this project Jostein Stalheim and Ricardo Gassent of Soundpainting Madrid lead a group of musicians, dancers and performance artists in creating pieces that are visual and theatrical as well as musical.