A composition project for schools

The composition project Let’s Compose! is a unique gathering of professional composers, performers, children and adolescents. The project seeks to create awareness about music that students would not usually be exposed to, as well as increase their understanding of what music is, can be and how it evolves. Through pro-active participation, the students are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of music in new ways. Composing music for five days is not exactly everyday fare for most youngsters. We’d like to challenge them, lead them into the musical unknown and strengthen their ability and willingness to take their creative chances.

Turning this idea into something tangible, we ask that the students, alongside a musician from the BIT20 Ensemble, conclude the project with a solid, purposeful concert of the music they have created. Most of these concerts take place at the schools, although some end up as public performances.

Supported by DKS Bergen/the City of Bergen.