When: Sunday 30th of April

Where: Høgskolen in Bergen at Kronstad


Conductors: Pierre-André Valade and Halldis Rønning

Soloist: Silje Aker Johnsen (Don't Feed the Birds)

There will be concerts and activities several different places on campus.

The festival is presented in collaboration with our friends in Avgarde, BEK, Borealis - a festival for experimental music, Currentes, Griegakademiet - institute for music and new music in Bergen.


BIT20 Ensemble performs

Don’t Feed the Birds - Ruben Sverre Gjertsen.

Storyboard - Morten Eide Pedersen.

A piece written by the conductor students at Griegakademiet, based on Storyboard by Morten Eide Pedersen.

Eclat -  Pierre Boulez, performed two times in a row.

Currentes performes a composition by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen as a part of the research project Wheels Within Wheels.

Trond Lossius has developed a sound installation due to the festival, curated by Borealis - a festival for experimental music.

HOW DO WE HEAR THE PAST IN NEW MUSIC? In this mini-festival we celebrate our intellectual heritage – the many ways in which knowledge, and ideas become a point of departure for making new art.

Morten Eide Pedersen, composer, theorist and driving force in Bergen’s contemporary music scene, believed that each composer should shape his or her own existence. When he passed away, we lost a highly valued composition teacher who challenged his students to be themselves. But he is survived by his ideas and we believe that he would appreciate his piece Storyboard being the starting point for a new piece composed by students at the Grieg Academy. At this concert you can hear both the original and the new work.

Hearing Boulez’s piece Eclat twice in a row, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the music from the instrumentalists’ perspective as well as your own - to get closer to the stuff that’s behind the magic of sound!.

And as a link between Pedersen (his teacher) and Boulez (his mentor), we’re also very pleased to be giving the world premiere of Bergen-based composer Ruben Sverre Gjertsen’s Don’t feed the birds. A brand new piece for an occasion celebrating the future as well as the past!

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Borealis - a festival for experimental music



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Griegakademiet - institute for music