IN WE’RE COMPOSING! we let the young explore new music. Together with our musicians and composers, the students create their own compositions.

During the process, we build our own instruments, try out various musical elements, investigate sound sources in everyday objects and decide together what sound material should be included in the final composition. The result is performed in front of the whole school.

The idea is to demonstrate an entire compositional process, with all its elements of instrumental and vocal possibilities, composing, arranging, improvising, playing, music technology – and, not least, presentation.



This season we will visit 14 schools in Hordaland county. There will be three public performances in connection with the school projects:

23rd of September, Sentralbadet, at 12:00

21st of October, KODE4/Tårnsalen, at 12:00

May/June 2017, Festspillene in Bergen, TBA

The project is offered through DKS Bergen. Registration at

Academic inquiries:
Ole André Farstad, academic leader for children and youths
(+47) 90 01 19 73 E-mail:

Practical inquiries:
Mia Julie Wiland, producer
(+47) 55 21 61 08 / (+47) 48 24 52 81

Trude Bruket, general manager
(+47) 55 21 61 26 / (+47) 97 01 98 93