Come and meet all the members of the happy Bergensmonium family!

Our member Thorolf Thuestad is a man with many talents. He plays an important role behind the scenes, not only in the Bergen music life, but also internationally, as a composer, music producer, sound designer, programmer, acoustician, artist, art technician and sound engineer. He performs with various artists and constallations around he world. We are happy that he also is a part of our BIT20-family.

These days he is preparing for the Norwegian premiere of Bernard Parmeggiani's major electro acoustic work "La Creation du Monde" that he will perform with his 26 pieces loudspeaker orchestra on Friday (see the event here).

He has written a few lines about it here:

Come and meet all the members of the happy Bergensmonium family on friday!

Création du Monde is Bernard Parmegiani’s magnum opus, which took him six years to complete. The work describes the creation of the universe and the earth, from before the big bang to the first signs of life on earth via a number of mystical galactic phenomena. This electroacoustic work  will be performed using a looudspeaker orchestra consisting of 26 separate speakers creating an intensely immersive and meditiative experience. Come journey through the creation of all things with us!

Getting to know the "Bergensmonium" getting ready for "La Creation du Monde" by Parmegiani. The pictures above shows a few of the loudpseakers that make up the family.